Monday, January 5, 2009

Rambling Rose...a blog of memories

But mom made clothes from them, made quilt covers, and sold them. She bought a lot of things for the house with her seed sack, and double eggs she sold.

I can remember mama with her quilting rack hung from the rafters in the ceiling. My playing under it, and sometimes sending the needle back up to the top side. Mom used the thread that came from the sacks of feed to tie off the quilts with. No way they were going to break.

That was some fifty years ago or longer. The memories are still lingering.

I love reading 'old fashioned memories' and hearing from folks how things were really done in those good old days.

This morning, while looking for something totally unrelated (that's always how I find things it seems) I came across Rambling Rose's Jott-em' Downs. I haven't read through all of the memories just yet, but I will! top by and say hello to Rambling Rose and share in her wonderful memories.


As Simply As We Can said...

Deanna, I'm headed to the doctor this afternoon and I will get that herb store address and send it to you this afternoon.


As Simply As We Can said...

Here is what I've found. I got this web address from the doctor: and the name of the stuff is proefa. However, once I went to that site it is very hard to navigate and although I found where they talked about the fish oil I never found a link to purchase it. So I googled "proefa fish oil with lemon." And I got this off of Amazon:

It looks to be what I was searching for. I'm planning on taking it too. Hope this helps!

As Simply As We Can said...

It's me again ~ I'm hogging your comments, lol.

Would you happen to have a recipe for a sour dough starter? I need one and thought I'd check with you. Thanks!


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