Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forgot to's BOOKS, too...

Sorry, I missed the part about BOOKS being banned from resale as well.
And so the NWO really shows its face in terms everyday folks can see and understand...


And a subject near and dear to homeschoolers’ hearts: BOOKS!

Book burning on Feb. 10th 2009 due to CPSIA

(written to booksellers about the CPSIA law)

The truly bizarre part is that the new regulations apply retroactively. Even if it was printed 50 years ago and the publisher no longer exists, you need to have a certificate proving it’s not filled with lead. Even if it is the only remaining copy of a rare children’s book worth thousands of dollars and only will ever be handled by collectors, you cannot sell it because you can’t prove it is not filled with lead.

Anything manufactured after November 10th 2008 should have come with a certificate certifying it has been tested for lead. If your distributor didn’t provide one, you need to call and get one. As of February 10th, it’s in fact illegal for your distributor to sell you a kids’ book without a certificate of lead testing, no matter when it was printed.

Objects without a certification still have to be tested. So those copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows that were printed in 2007 that are still available new at Amazon may have to be destroyed as of February 10th 2009 because they haven’t been tested for lead. (Amazon is taking this seriously and sent a mail to all affiliates asking them to provide the lead testing certificates for all items)

How bad can the punishment be? For selling books? Up to $100,000 PER ITEM and up to five years in jail. It’s also a felony. Get busted, you may lose your right to vote in some states. Even if you can fight it in court, you’ll likely go broke doing so and your local newspaper will carry the headline “Local business selling lead tainted goods”… even though you know they aren’t. Good luck getting them to print the retraction months or years later after that PR disaster.

This includes not just selling, but distribution. So you can’t donate the untested goods to your local library, Good Will, or literacy program. You also can’t sell them to overseas collectors either, as they’re illegal to export. (preventing dumping of truly toxic goods on third world markets is one of the few good portions of this law. Good job on that, bad job on the rest)


TEAM HALL said...

Mrs. Smith: I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog!!
Thank you for sharing...the good and the bad.
This story is rather startling! I'm Canadian and haven't heard a word here about this! I'm sure we'll be next though...

Sara said...

I didn't see any part that says you can't give things away. I can't imagine how they could stop people from giving things away to others, but who knows, maybe they can.

I'm wondering how it's going to affect small homeschooling companies such as CLE, will they be able to continue selling books, or will they have to shut down too?

Scary stuff! I wrote my congressman this morning. And now I'm just praying hard.


As Simply As We Can said...

This whole thing just has my ire so far up, it's not even funny. And you know good and well they are thinking that if they can get the masses to comply with this seemingly innocuous law, bigger and better things are waiting in the wings. Conditioning....


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