Friday, January 16, 2009

BRRR BRRR and triple BRRR!!

Ok, when I called Dewey and told him I needed heat and we needed to put the woodstove in, I guess we had different thoughts LOL.

To me, that statement means GET HEAT :o)

To Dewey, it means ok, rip out the 2 front windows.

Frigid 13 outside right now, and my poor 'I hate winter' husband is standing outside framing what once was a set of double windows for my stove pipe. Last night, after driving all over from Corinth to Tupelo, we found all the Durock we needed (cement board) and he covered the entire front half of my sewing room, floors and walls.

This morning, he pulled out the windows from the outside, and is framing up for the outside sheeting and the wall thimbles to go through for the pipe.

Notice the use of the plural there on thimbles??????

He decided it was plain stupid to do all that work for the heater and later do the cookstove. So he's doing them BOTH now!!!! He took out both windows, side by side, and is installing the heater and the cookstove today.

I'm excited...I'm freezing in here, but I'm excited :o)

Last night we put the space heater into the hallway and closed the door so the heat filled the children's room very nicely. The other heater went into our room. The living spaces here dropped down really cold, but at least we slept warm enough. We have baking and such to do today so that warmed it up good.

The heat pump chugged along at 1/4 speed it seems all night. Not enough to bring the temps up inside at all -- personally, I think we just twirled the electric meter and threw money out the door, but.... -- Dewey managed to get it putting out something that resembled a slightly heated breeze. We maintained about 42 last night inside the living spaces out here.

I took lots of pictures of the poor guy working in cramped quarters here. He laid out the cement board on the floor and up the walls for the woodstove. I'll worry about painting it later -- I just can't wait for real heat ;o) He's framing the outside windows up for the outer sheeting now, then he'll cut the wall thimbles in. I need to find some heat-tempered/resistant caulking stuff (yeah, I'm so technical, aren't I?) and we need some mortar mix yet as well. They didn't have it last night at the one store.

I'm off to put another mega roast in the oven for today. I'm going to slow cook it until about 4 or 5 this evening...I want the heat of the oven, but I want to entice my dear hubby with the smells of beef and mushrooms simmering all day in the oven, too :o)


Barry R McCain said...

Very nice blog there you have. Yes, cold it is. I heated the house last night via the fireplace, had to get up twice to reload it with logs. Outside temp, 11F here in Lafayette Co, inside time 68F.

We are a homeschooling family up Oxford way. I do the McCain's Corner blog.

Barry R McCain

Violin Mom said...

Please, please be oh so careful with your space heaters! Make really certain that they can't tip over in the middle of the night (due to pets or whatever) and that they stand up properly on their feet and don't come into contact with anything. A house in our neighborhood just burned down yesterday early morning. Usually when houses burn down at this time of year in our state, they trace the cause to space heaters. And it is cold here right now.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said... heaters are a real hazard this time of year. We bought the best ones we could find -- they have a 'tip protector' feature at least. We placed the one for the children in the center of the hallway instead of a bedroom just for that reason -- I wanted it away from everything and not in the flow of any traffic.

Hopefully tonight we won't need one going and the wood will be doing the job ;o)


As Simply As We Can said...

Oh congrats! I hope it all gets put in and you get warm!!

brenda/haflinger said...

It will feel so good once everything is in..Look on the bright side its been -22 the couple of nights here in Maine.. Now that is cold..The goats didn't want to get up this
BLessings Brenda/haflinger

Lily Among Thorns said...

I love your blog. I can't help but be jealous over hearing everyone talk about the freezing cold weather (yes I'm delusional). I was born and raised in the north/midwest and now living in the southwest am missing winters terribly. It's funny really, the rest of the country is having record breaking lows while we are having record breaking highs.

Be safe in the cold and remember, you can always send some of it my way if you want a break :)

MrsMelody said...

Hi. I found your blog searching for homaking blogs.

Brrr! I bet that was a cold night. Hope you have your wood stove working now.

We have a heat pump also. I really don't care for them at all. This is the 3rd house we have lived in that had them.


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Lily...I know what you mean, and I for one don't count you as delusional! We're from northern Illinois and I miss winter...even with the record colds and snowfalls!

Hello MrsMelody -- welcome. I hope you find something of use around my blog. If not, I have a blog of our recipes as well (I think it shows up in my profile...if not, let me know) and if nothing else, I have linked some wonderful blogs in the sidebar there...plenty enough to keep you busy with information and good reads!



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