Friday, January 9, 2009

Accomplishments of the Day

It doesn't seem like much, really, but it sure feels like much.

Jennifer and I relocated my cookstove from the dining room into the sewing room. Goodness, for no larger than that stove is, man oh man does it weigh alot! We were baby-stepping and scuffling the whole way! But it's moved and I went ahead and oiled the top up as I noticed it looking a bit on the shabby side. I have pictures and I'll come back to this post tomorrow to get them up. I'm exhausted now.

We got 8 loaves of bread a pan of cinnamon twists baked up today. The house smells wonderful! yes, I took pictures of that too :o)

And meat was canned up. I still have a full water bath pot of about 30# yet to complete tonight, but we are going to head over to town and try to catch the ice cream shop for a treat. They sell their cones for 50 cents :o) Can't beat that. I'll get the next load in the canner as soon as we get back. We pulled out another 30# to thaw in the fridge and will hopefully be able to can it up tomorrow. I'm not being all that 'precise' on amounts and all. I'll just share the finished quart count after it's all said and done. I should probalby try to pay more attention, but I'm just not a 'detailed' kind of person with canning. I have 200# of ground to can up, and I'll get what I get :o) Will probably order more when the OT checks pick up again.

In light of the book and clothing lead law stuff, I went ahead and ordered the first part of the completion of my Rod & Staff schooling needs, the remaining math and English books. We will have all 8 grade levels in math, English, science and history when I'm finished. Might as well be prepared just in case. Those smaller private companies will be hit hard if that legislation isn't rewritten by someone with some common sense and a bit of brain :o(

If all else fails, there's still the internet for resources I suppose. Old Fashioned Education has so many resources listed, you certainly wouldn't be caught without something. We have all the Ray's Arthmetic levels here, as well as the McGuffey's, so it isn't as though we would be caught short at all. But I do feel a bit more comfortable knowing I have the Rod & Staff books on the way. The next order will go in later this month, and bring in the science and history books. LOL...I'm about reaady to start my own school it seems!

Well, children are sitting in the car apparently...think they're anxious for the promised ice cream cone treat???


sara said...

My, you did get a lot done today. I wish I could have done half that amount, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I'm doing the same in getting the books that I'd really like to have for the children's school. I'm putting in an order for the Mcguffeys and Rays by the end of the month. And probably a few more CLE light units. And if this law does shut down these small homeschool businesses we will also be switching to OFE.

Blessings, sara

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

You have had a busy day and deserve a treat. I look forward to seeing the photos of what you accomplished.


Kristi said...

I was looking into Rod and Staff curriculum, but I don't know where to order it from. Is there a website I can check out? Thanks so much!!!

Kristi G


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