Monday, December 15, 2008

Could You Survive another Great Depression?

Several folks were doing this, so I hopped on just now and tested our homestead here. There are a couple of things I think we need to work on, but overall, we are in pretty good shape really.

You Are 85% Likely to Survive Another Great Depression

You have been saving for a rainy day... or a rainy few years.

While most people may not have as grim of an outlook as you, they're also not as prepared as you.

If society collapses, you'll have plenty of food and resources for you and your loved ones.

And plenty of ammo for anyone who wants to steal from your stockpile!

Could You Survive Another Great Depression?

  1. How much credit card debt do you have?
We haven't had a credit card in years.
  1. Are you employed?
Ahh, yes, we're employed...Dewey in Arkansas and me here on the homestead with 8 children and some animals.
  1. Do you have an emergency fund?
The paycheck is direct-deposited. That really bothers me. Sure, if the world fell apart, I couldn't cash the paycheck anyway, but at least it would be in my hand. I tend to hit the bank on payday and remove the money.
  1. Do you own a home?
Yes, we own our property. There's no equity in it, but I don't think I'm too concerned with that, really. I'd rather own it outright and have nothing in it, than still have a mortgage and some equity. I'd be too tempted to borrow against it.
  1. Do you know how to build a fire?
This has been a family joke for some time. Yes, in an overall sense, I can build a fire. By the same token, you could give me a box of matches, a load of kindling and some firewood and put me in front of the woodstove and I'd likely freeze to death before anything would take hold for me.
  1. Do you have any silver or gold?
  1. How much non perishable food do you have?
We could certainly use more, but overall we are far better set here than most folks I know in real life. And we have the ability to make-do with what we have...again better off than most folks I know in real life.
  1. How much do you rely on prepackaged foods?
We don't. My grocery shopping generally consists of baking things and the occasional can of spaghetti sauce and dried pasta, some crackers, powdered milk, and recently some candies for the cookie baking. I'm changing that this year -- we will really work harder to have our own pasta on hand at all times, as well as the sauce.
  1. Do you grow your own food?
That's a two-sided question there...we had a pathetic garden in real terms, but good grief, we had a ton of okra out there! We always plant far too much of many things, and need to do more of a few things.
  1. Can you get around to shops and work by bike, public transportation, or walking?
The goal is to be self-sustaining, which means no car usage really. Right now, we don't really get out much at all. We could work around using other transportation if needed, but we are about 13 miles of mountain roadway to town. If the world falls apart, I don't see us really leaving the homestead for much anyway, and we can easily walk to church 2 miles away.
  1. How much of your salary do you spend each week?
Right now, all of it is 'used' -- but if the world falls apart, none of it will be used....and we'll still be fine.
  1. Can you easily go without extras like cable tv and restaurant meals?
LOL....we can't get cable out here,and I sort of doubt we could get much going with even a satellit...come February, when digital comes to fruition, we won't have any television...and we don't really do restaurant/fast food meals unless it's rare and far far between.
  1. How is your health?
We aren't too bad off, and we have no medical bills. Could work on the health same as anyone -- especially with Dewey's blood pressure rating right now!
  1. Do you own a weapon?
Ummm...yes, and then some. We are adequately supplied here, thank you.
  1. What describes the area you live in?
I listed 'country' but we are a bit farther down the road than that...or should I say, farther over the mountain from there?
  1. What sort of climate do you live in?
Ugh...not too cold at all but oh the heat! I may have to build an underground house.
  1. Do you trust and know your neighbors?
  1. Do you know how to use tools and fix things?
Yes, and honestly, I think we have far too many tools here. We have things we don't even know we have. We need to pare it down to the essentials...of course, Dewey would say the same thing about my sewing supplies...
  1. Compared to most people, how much stuff do you have?
Depends on who you rate us with...around here on the mountain, we have way more "stuff" than most folks. They mostly live a sparse kind of lifestyle, with essentials and not so many 'wants'. Compared to the majority of my friends and family, we have far less 'stuff' -- we are working to get to even less stuff.
  1. Are you good at entertaining yourself if the electricity is out?
We have been using only the oil lamps for lighting lately...we need to adjust the routine here and follow the chickens...rise with the roosters and go to bed with the hens -- but I'll need a different rooster first, this one gets to crowing at 3:30 am!!! I think it's the pole light out there that sparks him on!


As Simply As We Can said...

You know, the strange thing about this test is if you go back and change your answer and say you have no weapons it will give you a higher score?? At least that's what they were saying over at Mrs. S. Wonder why on earth they fixed it like that?

Rebecca said...

I BELIEVE that this test is based on one created by Al Gore, which is why it gives a higher score for no weapons.


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