Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Too-Large Pot Roast

Houston, we have a problem.

My 4 inch by, oh, maybe 14 inch, chuck roast won't fit in my roaster :o(

Well, let me rephrase myself. It fits...with some tucking in along the sides, and I do have a bit of space on the ends. But overall, my cast iron roaster is simply too small. My mother said cut it in half and use 2 pans. Oh, the indignity of whacking this wonderful, marbled roast in half! Isn't it a beauty?

No, I don't usually covet meat like this, but this is special :o) I'm used to rolled roasts, or rump roasts...something more akin to the size of a regulation football. In our area here, pork is the meat of choice it seems. Boston Butts, Loins, etc. They are more readily available in the stores. Beef roasts, even a simple chuck roast, just aren't what I think of as a roast. Most around here are what I'd consider more of a thick steak than anything of a roast.

But I got this at the butcher yesterday when I ordered my bulk meats. The owner was cutting up a half a steer and his wife brought out some small cuts to cut them down more. I saw this one on the table and asked about it. She was going to cut it at least in half, if not thirds. No way -- it was just perfect, I thought. So I bought it.


Home alone here with no husband, no eldest son and fiance, no eldest daughter. Just me and 7 children. Seven younger children.

This roast could last us most of the week if I play it right.

I managed to get about 4 potatoes cut in half alongside the roast on the ends, and maybe 3 or 4 carrots cut into lengths as well. But my usual broth/gravy concoction doesn't stand a chance of being in there. Not without a serious drip shield along that pan! I simply mixed a bit of stock with a touch of flour to thicken slightly and poured it over. It will be covered and cook all day now. Around 5 or 6 pm we'll eat dinner :o)

Can you imagine how tender this baby will be? I probably shouldn't have bought it, being here with just the children, but I lack self-restraint. It just looked too good to pass up.

I imagine when Dewey reads this his mouth will be watering all over the computer :o) I could FedEx a plate overnight to you honey....


Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, Deanna, It's just me and the son at home tonight (long story). I should just invite myself right up there for that scrumptious dinner.LOL You're right around here the Boston Butt is the meat of choice but oh, how I love a good beef roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions. thecfarm/ said...

Yummy! Your right it is a beauty.. Sorry Dewey u just get to look. If I was closer I would be That is alright I think I smell it cooking all the way up to Maine..
Blessings Sister Brenda/haflinger

Dawn said... can ship a yummy plate of that to me in Texas! :-)

My mom used to make pot roasts all the time. I haven't made one for me and my hubby yet..and we've been married 7 I guess I just never thought of picking one up at the store. :)

God Bless You!

Heart 4 My Home said...

I LOVE roast...especially in the crockpot. Ok, I take the easy way out in cooking it, but it comes out so tender.

Love reading your blog.



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