Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quiet Saturday..

I have some doubts that tomorrow will be quiet, so today was instead.
I don't have any concrete proof tomorrow won't be, just have that feeling. You know, that mommy feeling when the children actually seem to be on top of things that are to be done. That mommy feeling when the children finish chores ahead of time. That mommy feeling when the children head outside to be creative and entertain themselves with some fence, some boards, a tarp and a handful of nails.

That feeling. It's peaceful today here on the homestead and things are finished. Not just part way, but all the way finished. If you have more than zero children you understand the enormity of that statement there...all the way finished. It's a big deal.

Rather makes me nervous, actually.

But...we have laundry finished, dinner moving along and the homestead is quiet. A dog bark here or there, a goat bleat now and again, a cat jumping here or there. But overall it's quiet.

The children are building outside. I am not to go see just yet.

I have 5 lines of laundry hanging out ready to come inside and get hung and ironed and what-not. But I can't go outside. The deal was made to keep me inside until whatever is finished for me to see...the deal is they bring in the laundry.

Gotta love that.

Earlier this morning we began washing some 300 yards of fabric. Yes...I said three hundred yards. A fabric shop closed up in Tennessee and he once made hospital sheets and scrubs and such. He had tons of fabrics remaining and sold them for $.50 a yard. Yep -- that's half a dollar. He finally backed out of the business of selling completely and auctioned everything. What was left was boxed into 50 and 100 yard boxes. The deal was, you couldn't open the boxes before buying. But, at only $10 and $15 a box, who cares?

I picked up 6 boxes total and delivered 3 to Debi in Tupelo. Now we went through her boxes sitting in the Sam's Club parking lot and there was one box that had a ton of rip-stop parachute-type material that e aren't sure what to do with yet, but the rest was great. Blues, greens, a few of those 'hospital prints' in there, but overall, very very usable for our needs.

My boxes were the same way. I have several yards of parachute stuff in blue....I see some waterproof liners for mommy pads, cloth diapers, maybe backing for some bibs and such. Not that I'll use near the amount I now have, but I'll figure out some other ideas for that. The rest was navy, light blue, a couple shades of green, some maroon and such, enough of the children's gown print (with clowns and elephants) that will become pj's and nightgowns, and a ton of white sheeting.

Everything is 60 inches wide at least, and anywhere from 1 yard on up to 20 yard sections. I'm far from having it all washed up, but we did get a good start. Here's part of what went out to the line:

Tomorrow I'm going to try to keep things calm and peaceful, but I just don't know if we'll pull it off. I'm hopeful, though.

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As Simply As We Can said...

I totally understand how big a deal it is to be done with everything! And it's rare too! I don't think I've been there since the birth of my first child....

Maybe you could use some of that paracute stuff as liners for fall/spring jackets? Or make "windbreaker" type jackets?

Patrick's hives are much better thanks to the medicine we got. My goodness, he was covered. So much so that when my husband got home and took a look at him, he gasped! Now, if a grown man gasps at something, you know it's bad! Lol.

The bread - I'm sure the recipe would convert just fine making it the normal way. It's really good. :-)


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