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Do you celebrate Christmas?

I'm curious what everyone thinks about :Christmas: or, more specifically, about celebrating a holiday with such pagan history?

We have gone back and forth on this. Something happens, every year, that places us back in the 'modern traditional' Christmas mode. I could argue celebrating to show the world that God is still God and our love and worship for Him.

Then, I could equally as hard argue why you sadden The Lord by placing any importance on a pagan-focused day. Calling it Christian simply doesn't make it so. Shameful activities like celebrating the hanging of the greens within the walls of a church that claims The Holy, I just don't think that pleases God.

Here is a good article, and several links worth reading and truly looking into your reasoning behind celebrating any version of Christmas.

Something to think about:
If you study the Bible closely, you will see that God institutes how He will be worshipped, and expects that and nothing else. We are to obey what He says, and just because He doesn't reference something directly, doesn't mean we can just go ahead and do it, even if we think it is honoring to God. There are many references in the Bible where people tried to sincerely honor God in their own way, and God rejected those acts, whether it was Cain and the fruit of his labors, or the Aaron’s sons who brought their strange fire to God and were struck down dead, to David and his cart for the ark. God never said, "David, don't use a cart." He said, have the priests carry it with the rods. David did it his own way, and the result was bad. If we were allowed to do anything that God has not specifically forbidden, the Bible would be endless with tons of "do nots" to account for every machination our minds could conceive. That's why it's important that the Bible stand alone as the only way directing behavior and action.

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Well we used to do christmas up big but the last several years we have toned it down lots.. The grandkids enjoy Christmas.. This year we are even doing less..
Great topic..
Blessings Brenda/haflinger

Anonymous said...

Deanna, I'm glad you had the courage to bring this up, since it can be a hot potato! I may post on the topic, soon, as well and add another good apologetic I came across for abstaining from the pagan tradition. Thanks to the Sifford's for sharing their thoughts.

My flesh LOVES Christmas, but I know better now. We don't put up a tree and we don't decorate (it's quite a relief that I don't have to bother taking things down and packing all of that away--I always dreaded that part). We don't buy any gifts for our adult children, and have made it clear that they don't need to give us anything, either. The only concession we make, is to buy a couple of gifts each for our younger grandchildren. I would rather not, since we buy for them plenty throughout the year, but they don't understand yet. Maybe I'll be able to stand firmer next year...Oh, and we DO have a dinner, since it's one of the few times in the year that our scattered children come together--but, instead of Christmas dinner, I call it the "Family Dinner in December"! ;-)

There is NO Biblical basis for the celebration of Christ's birth, but we are to focus on His death & resurrection, by which we have salvation!


Ante Family Agrarians said...

We haven't celebrated the pagan holiday Christ-mas in over 7 years. Our children have never been raised with this holiday. In fact because of this "hot potatoe" of a subject is one reason I'm taking a break from blogging the whole month of December. I've found the ones who defend Christmas the most are ones who have never read about it's true origin and history behind it. To many people it's their "idol", and don't go attacking it, even if it is the truth.
Peace, Kris

Anonymous said...

We never did satan claus, reindeer, elves or anything like it with our kids, but our daughter-in-law has introduced it to our grandbaby. I vacillate on whether or not a tree is acceptable. Jer 10 certainly does sound like it speaks of Christmas trees. My husband disagrees.
We do have a Creche, and we did give small presents when the kids were small. We have had a few trees, but I don't feel comfortable with them. My husband sees nothing wrong with a tree because he has always been taught they were acceptable.

My children are grown now. We only have one grandbaby, and her Mom's family does the whole satan claus Christmas thing. We do acknowledge the nativity, but not the other stuff.

On the same topic, we do not do easter at all, but we do celebrate Resurrection day. The other day, although acknowledged by many churches, is completely evil. Easter is the correct pronunciation for Ishtar, the demon. Somehow Christianity has come to believe easter is a Christian day complete with a ham. It is actually the celebration of Baal. I will not be a woman "weeping at the gate of Tammuz" in reverence to that day. The Lord Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.

I am glad you addressed this topic. I wonder how everyone feels about it.

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

One thing to think about regarding all those Christmas traditions...

::Did you know that the green tree is mentioned 14 times in the Bible, and in every instance it is linked with idolatry? There isn't one place in the Bible where God commends the use of the "green tree" in connection with true worship.
(yet most churches have special days for the 'hanging of the greens' around the pulpit and sanctuary! They set up trees in the entries and hang garlands around the pews.)

Perhaps you're wondering why people have a Christmas tree during the Christmas celebration. You can search the Bible through and through, but you won't find a reason for it there. The first decorating of an evergreen tree began with the heathen Greeks and their worship of their god Adonia, who allegedly was brought back to life by the serpent Aessulapius after having been slain. And each Christmas, multitudes of people will secure an evergreen tree and dress it up with bright glitter, lights, and tinsel, not realizing that they are following in the tradition of a pagan festival in honor of a false god!

No doubt there are many sincere Christians who think that they are honoring Christ by having their Christmas tree when, in reality, they are dishonoring Him by having anything to do with a heathen festival that God hates.

As you read these lines, perhaps you say, "I have my Christmas tree but I don't worship it, and consequently, I see nothing wrong with it."
Let me remind you, however, that you don't determine what is right and what is wrong. God determines what's right and wrong. If the Christmas tree is not an idol to you, why are you so reluctant to give it up? What are you doing down on your knees when you place your gifts under it?

As I said, we make a plan then usually fall right back to the 'traditions' we have grown up with here as well, but it's like everything else...I can call it a Godly celebration, I can worship The Lord all day on that day, I can make all the claims I want that it is not in the slightest connected in my heart to anything but a deep love of God, but that simply doesn't change the fact that it is not anymore Godly today than it was generations ago. It is a day for us to worship our own desires and give into our own flesh, totally against everything God shares with us in His Word, and my calling it anything else doesn't change the fact that it is still a pig disguised as a Christian in His Eyes.

That's what I have to remember when I feel like giving in this year...

Anonymous said...

I completely respect other's opinions about Christmas but just wanted to comment further on what Deanna said.

"As you read these lines, perhaps you say, "I have my Christmas tree but I don't worship it, and consequently, I see nothing wrong with it."
Let me remind you, however, that you don't determine what is right and what is wrong. God determines what's right and wrong. If the Christmas tree is not an idol to you, why are you so reluctant to give it up? What are you doing down on your knees when you place your gifts under it?"

Speaking only for myself, I can honestly say that the tree is not an abject of worship in our home. "Reluctance" to give it up has nothing to do with not wanting to let go of an idol. Having a Christmas tree, whether live or fake, is pure nostalgia and warm memories from childhood. My brother and I (he just died last year from leukemia) as kiddos used to lie on our backs under the tree and look up into the glittery lights and sing carols with each other. Having a tree now is a way for me to feel some of that closeness we used to share. Memories of loved ones and of fun family times is not idolatry.

Also, I don't think that people use their trees to worship Christ. I don't know anyone who does or ever did. Christmas trees, light viewing tours, parades, and decorating are all part of the holiday and fun ways to spend time with family, but most Christians who celebrate Christmas have additional ways in which they specifically honor the birth of our saviour. And in regards to being on your knees while placing gifts under the tree...I know that as for myself, I like to make a pretty display of my children's gifts under the tree, and I'm going to kneel down to do it. It doesn't mean I'm praying to my tree and more than it means I'm praying to my toilet when I clean it.

Ann'Re @ Home said...

This is something I've been mulling and praying over for some time. The more I grow in my walk with the Lord, the more worldly things like this bother me.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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