Friday, October 3, 2008

Crisis Shopping and Stocking when you haven't...

I followed a link and bunny trailed myself here: Casaubon's Book to find this article shared. There are some good points here to share.
This is just a bit of the full deal -- visit the link in the title below to read the rest of the article and take from it what you can use!

Crisis Shopping: Food Storage When You Haven’t Been Storing Food

Sharon October 2nd, 2008

Several readers have asked me to do a piece on what to do if you have been procrastinating about food storage, but plan to stock up before the end of the world (I’ve heard that Paulson and Bernanke have scheduled that for this weekend, but it could potentially be moved due to a conflict with some other disaster ;-).) So for all you procrastinators out there, here are my suggestions.

Now let’s note - my first suggestion is not to procrastinate. Because unless you are fairly well off, procrastinating and buying a lot of food probably means putting it on your credit card and paying it off. Not only is this extremely risky (I would not bet on any version of the apocalypse that doesn’t actually involve real zombies to get you off the hook with your credit card - and I’m pretty sure that they have zombie collection agents already, so maybe not even then.), it means that you will pay interest on the food, thus mitigating much of the benefit of even having it. But I do also know that sometimes one gets a big check, bonus, windfall, sells something or maybe the food is worth the price. So let’s assume that you all know better, and are doing it anyway.

Let us also assume that you are doing this shortly before everyone else starts their panic buying or shortly after (which makes it harder and makes the selection of stores more crucial), and that one or two stop shopping is the name of the game - you need to get as much that is useful as possible, as quickly as possible, perhaps not using much gas. So let’s start with where to shop.

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Hi Deanna:

I found some helpful points in this article. Would you mind if I posted it, as well? I would link to your blog, in doing so. I'll also contact Sharon to ask her permission. I figure the more people informed, the better. I really enjoy the topics you post!



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