Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back Online...and commenting

My computer is fixed :o) And for under $50, too. Can't beat that.

For everyone who mailed me concerned I was forgetting myself and running amok at the local computer store, don't worry. I love being connected to everyone and finding the like-minded fellowship I covet so much here online, but I want my husband home where he belongs far more than I want a new computer. We have a local library.

Seriously, I know our agenda here and it doesn't include a new computer...and my husband knows it doesn't include a new flat-bottom boat and trolling motor (right, honey? You do know that...right????) I am still working toward one goal...debt-free. I can't wait for the day this job is finished and Dewey comes sit on the front porch with shotgun in hand, waiting on the perspective suitors to come calling :o)

Now, onto my comment. I love anonymous comments. They breath such life into a blog, don't you think? They slink in, lurk in the background and wait on your to say something they feel is usable to share their own thoughts. All the while, standing strong and firm in their convictions, knowing they are right and prepared to share with you all the reasoning they have...

yeah, you'll stop laughing soon...I did...just breath deeply and continue reading....

Cripe are you a mom or a loud mouth boss who is the know These are your children and yet you sound like such a nasty cold hearted person.

Why would you want your DS to be with a "plain" girl. Plain girls live under rocks and get stepped on the time. Good for her, let her be here own person and LIVE. Take it from her you could learn something.

That was a comment shared about my Boot Camp I said, I love folks without enough courage to stand behind what they claim to be such strong convictions.

In answer, I'm very much a loud-mouth. Ask my mother. Ask any of my real-life friends. Ask my husband. He'll bob his head silly in agreement with you, then probably give you a heads up on all the other things I could be considered as well. I shared way back in the beginning of this blog that I am what I am. I don't say things I don't mean, I don't speak things I don't believe to be true and honest within my own heart I'm working on changing quite a few things in my life, but for the most part, what you see is what you get with me. There are other blogs out there if I offend you so much. No one is holding anyone cyber-hostage. Ya'll are free to come and go as you wish. My GPS blew up with the computer, so run while you can :o)

God didn't give me these children so I could sit back and watch them get run over by the idiots 'living under the rocks' out there in the so-called 'real world.' The real world, in case your rock doesn't have the same view mine does, has nothing whatsoever to offer someone seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. If it did, we'd all be headed there, and honestly, a great many are not walking in that direction at all. I am trying my best to keep my toes from frying in the heat of hell, and I'd really like to impart the same to my children. Free-will is empty and based totally on a lie created by satan.

The real world offers lots of shiny toys and a lot of rampant free will and, well, stupidity -- which seems to run amok on my comments when I voice my own opinion...but wait, we've established it's my blog...I get to do things like that...share my own personal viewpoint and such.

I said, in the beginning of this blog, I am not here to play comment police. I have my opinion and you have yours, and this is still a free country and we can all share, period. I like comments shared in truth and love and with back-bone enough to stand behind your words, but truth of the matter is, it's just not your blog and I will continue to share what and as I please. No one was actually invited here, not in a traditional sense anyway, and you are most certainly welcome to stay and be polite, or move along by using that button at the top of the blog there to take you elsewhere. Life will then continue as it has been up until this, uninformed about Godly issues and me, being content with raising my children under the standards set forth in the Bible.

Just for the record here (repeating again so as to be clearly understood by those under those rocks), I am not trying to raise my children for this world, or any part of this world. In fact, I pray daily that I am raising them to be against this world with their whole heart. I am raising my children for the future. For the future outlined in The Bible. For the future with The King in His Kingdom. I am not raising my sons to be whore-mongers and my daughters to be the whores the world is after. Or any of the other things listed in-depth in Scripture as being an abomination unto The Lord.

It's very simple, really. Left to their own will and choices, children do not have a vision for a future aside from the sick world they are living in and will not make correct choices for their future. Video games, television, radio, books and whatever other media they find...this all pulls them in direct opposition to what The Lord calls them to in order to be fit for His Kingdom. I want more for them than drinking, drugs, loose sex and a party atmosphere. I want more for them than a life of 'do what you want when you want and to hell with the rest of the world'...because that is precisely what the 'real world' is walking toward at a rather brisk pace these days.

Plainly put, I am raising them, training them, to seek something in life far above the garbage of the world. To be in this world but not of this world. They are strangers here. We all are if we are truly seeking a life with The Lord. This is just a pilgrimage for true Christians. There is no future here for those called to His Kingdom, so don't get comfortable and start playing along.

To my voice-full commenter, I never once said my son's fiance, or one my daughters may choose one day, needed to be plain or anything of the sort, you need reading comprehension lessons, I guess. This young lady in question was not raised under the rules or moral standards that I am trying to impart to my children. We do not dress so the world can see all we have. That is for our beloved one day -- not Joe Schmo on the street or at Wal-Mart. I am trying to raise my children, boy and girl alike, to have at least a cursory knowledge of basic homemaking to prepare a meal aside from some boxes and cans from the store. How to keep a neat and tidy home. How to balance their finances and set a budget for practical use. How to raise a family -- tend a baby, use your brain when researching all the modern medical mumbo-jumbo thrust at families these days.

My children will and have made choices, and for good or for worse, they are going to have to live with them. If they choose a spouse with a wild heart because of the fun of the moment, they will be living with that choice the rest of their lives. There is no divorce in the Bible. It is a choice that you make and find contentment with, period. If you choose to go out on your own and select a spouse based on the emotions of the day, well then, you have placed yourself in that unequal yoke and you will not find a place of true peace in your life until that is resolved and the yoke is equally burdened. Some find that later on, sadly, many do not. I don't want my children to select based on emotional feelings when they have no concept of a better future in their hearts. I want them to realize The Lord has a spouse already selected for them and He will make that known in His Time, so why head out without thinking and sample the offerings of this world?


Dawn said...

It never ceases to amaze me the people that think that their children were given to them to be there friends. Those people truly live under a rock that their children step on daily. I'm with you. Children need discipline. They need structure and rules. And they really need a Mother that is strong enough to enforce those rules. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
In Christ

Brenda said...

Well said! I'm just concerned that while you were pouring out your heart--your time and energy--to explain your godly choices to this anonymous person, that they still won't "get it"! The person wrote, "Good for her, let her be her own person and LIVE." That's the counsel of the WORLD--Do your own thing, if it feels good, do it! Being your own person, indulging every desire of the flesh, doesn't lead to life, but to death! IF this person is even a Christian, he/she has no appetite for holiness in their life, and no respect or understanding of God's Word.

Ante Family Agrarians said...

"Free-will is empty and based totally on a lie created by satan."


Well written post!

Peace, Kris Ante

Mrs. Trixi said...

Deanna, how do these people find you? I just don't get it why do they seem to seek out those who live differently. It's just ridiculous. I am sorry that you have to deal with this.

As for the children thing, I wanted to call you and ask you about your son and his choice in mate but haven't. I would love to know your thoughts on how this happened. I still how to get a chance to call.

We to run a tight ship around here. We have great fun but we also have great boundaries. You can have both and it be very successful. I grew up with very few boundaries and begged for them in the form of rebellion. I pray that we are saving our children from their own sinful nature.

Melody said...

What a comment. Wow. I agree with Kris - very well written post!

LaJuan Marks said...

Bless you, Deanna!!!!!!

LaJuan from Colorado

brenda/haflinger said...

Deanna I feel God gave us a mouth to use and you go girl use it.
Everybody raises the children different.If we all raised them the same wouldn't it be a crazy world..
Blessing Brenda/haflinger


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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