Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Mountain Church

Here are some pictures of our church, County Line Baptist Church. This is at the top of our mountain here, about 2 miles from us, in the Dry Creek community.

Leaving our road, you travel back up the mountain here...
Yes, every road leaving here pretty much looks the same. That what you call quaint country.
I'd show you the actual lane the church is on, but really, it looks just like this. Just heads in a different direction :o)

Once you get up the lane, you'll see our outhouse...
and no, it isn't really used any longer, though up until a handful of years ago, before the electric came in up here, it was used. Well, there is that Homecoming Day we had 2 year's ago, when Bro Grady thought it would fun sport to entice our Wild Child into climbing in...yes, in...the outhouse to see where it might lead him. Dewey sat by, laughing to the point he just couldn't stop the fun, apparently. I had come back home to collect some missing things for the fellowship meal and afternoon. I missed the preamble to the day's events, but I returned in time to catch it's finale. Let's just say Dad and I had a bit of conversation over that little incident.
The details aren't important really, but yes, Wild Child went into the outhouse...and he took his sister along with him so he wasn't alone in there, not knowing where he might end up. Rather like Alice heading down the rabbit hole in Wonderland, I suppose. Looking back on it, I woul dhave liked to have gotten a picture of Wild Child coming out the backside of the outhouse...and of KatiAnne's head peeking back up through the seat. Would have made for a nice wedding day photo, I think.

We have a cemetery, of course. Here is one of its oldest residents...note the dates...
Mr. Mike Cox was 4 years old as the 1800's dawned....and was 104 as it ended. Imagine living through an entire century! All of the things he witnessed in his lifetime! I would love to be able to speak to him and hear all of his thoughts on the events of the 1800's and his viewpoint.

Inside, as you can imagine, it's rather small. Cozy...

We don't have but a handful of regular members as it is -- a good Sunday with everyone might get a 37 placed on the roll board. The lighting didn't cooperate with me, but there behind the pulpit is a large, carved coss (that's what the purple 'bunting' is draped over).

We have 18 pews total -- there are 8 more off to the left in this photo where no one usually sits.

Off to the right is the kitchen (just standard small house sized with all of 2 foot of counter). Then we have our Sunday school room. We have 6 6ft folding tables in there in 2 rows. Not alot of space, but it serves our needs.

We had talked about actually having our homeschool up there for a time. Maybe we still will. I don't know. When we first talked about it, we were in need of a change here, to get ourselves back in focus and on track with schooling. I thought a change of scenery might do us some good. There is another family that homeschools and we had talked about sharing the day a bit. Her daughters could do their work right along with mine. Maybe some day.

That's about it, I suppose. We aren't much of church in size, but The Lord is all over this mountain and you can see it in the landscape and hear it in the people and their lives here. We have been blessed in finding our church here.

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Dawn said...

A church on the mountain...can it be any more serene? What a blessing sister, a real blessing!

The inside sure does look cozy and homey. I would love to visit one day!

I am glad no one tore down that's a part of needs to be preserved. :-)

Thank you for sharing your home sweet home church. :-)



Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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