Friday, August 29, 2008

Some of our Bible Studies...

We have a variety of ages here, so our Bible studies are a bit varied as well. The elders have a devotional they do, and they are working through The Joy of Obedience as well.

For 'regular' Bible study, we found the Church of Christ Bible curriculum free online. No, we are not Church of Christ (not that it matters, but we are more aligned with Independent Fundamental Baptist than anything else...but truly, we consider ourselves simply Bible-believing Christians. I don't care for church labels.)

I like this curriculum because 1) it's free. I like free. and 2) it is basic and rather non-denominational in nature so far. It's a basic reading of Scripture with fill-in-the-blank quizzes. Even the youngers can do this when we read aloud. I do print off any Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry Curriculum coloring pages and puzzles that go along with the lessons.

I want the Bible to be a part of their lives, not just a Sunday Social Club portion. I want it to mean something to them in every aspect of their life. I want to know they have the stories and verses of God in their hearts and minds no matter what they are doing in their day. Some folks know the Bible well enough...they just don't put any of it to daily use and don't find it 'practical' I think. They don't show the fruit of knowing The Lord or His Word at all in their daily lives. That is sad. I know I don't always shaow the best fruit I know I have, I allow for the flesh far too much in my day, but I heart is working over-time to overcome the flesh I deal with. I certainly have a great many besetting sins, I'm ashamed to say. But I can get beyond them. The Lord says I can easily. I believe Him. I just need to stop being my own worst enemy.

That aside, here are some other resources we have here. We don't use them all the time, but I like having books around that have substance and purpose, kwim? I've wasted alot of my life reading basically useless things just for fun. I really want my children to enjoy reading, but at the same time I want them to redeem the time with items that put good things into their lives and minds (read: no silly romance or worldly fiction).

Men of The Bible, Ann Spangler & Robert Wolgemuth
Every Woman in The Bible, Sue & Larry Richards
Women of The Bible 52 Bible Studies, Jean E. Syswerda
Beautiful Girlhood, rev. by Karen Andreola
The Parables, Gary Inrig
Science and The Bible, Henry M. Morris
The Pursuit of Godly Seed, Denny Kenaston
Christian Family Living, John Coblentz
Remember Thy Creator, G. Richard Culp
Keep Yourself Pure
The Pilgrim's Progress
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Courtship That Glorifies God, John Coblentz
Looking at Myself, Before Loving Someone Else, John Coblentz
Timely talks with Teenagers, Daniel Kauffman
Dotrines of The Bible

We also have a lot of just plain good reading around here...
Pathway Readers
a growing collection of Rod & Staff books and Christian Light books
Little House on The Prairie series
Anne of Green Gables series
Heroes of History series from
several missionary stories
a handful of books by The Pearls (you either love them or you hate them. they entice very strong feelings...but I find so much in them I need as a parent raising arrows for The Lord's Army!)
A full set of G.A. Henty books...though they are all on CD from our Robinson Curriculum

I am always refining our library shelves here with good finds. Our local library, while in a college town, pretty much caters to the world's idea of good reading -- short sentences, little brain work required, mostly abridged types of fiction. We prefer whole books and autobiographies for our reading time. As these are not readily available around us, and being that we are out past rural here, I try to grow our own collection of good books.

What must-have books do you keep in your library? What titles do you feel are most important for your children to have, or for yourself to have, available? I'd love to hear about what sparks your interest!

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